It was a late October afternoon when I took this image of the most famous avenue in the whole world - the Avenue Champs Elysees in the heart of Paris.

The image was taken from the top of the Arc de Triomphe as the sun began to set over the great city.

Grand Boulevard.jpg


The city has undergone a massive transformation since the IRA bomb attack, with huge chunks of redevelopment all over the metropolitan area.

This image was taken looking over Exchange Square with a really good mix of the new and the old coming together perfectly.

Exchange Square in Manchester.jpg


The city is a really hot place during the summer months, both in the day time and at night, and like all major cities, it is buzzing with activity and life.

This is the Grand Via in the heart of Madrid in the late afternoon.



The capital city of Portugal is a fantastic place to visit, full of history and amazing architecture and of course a coastline.

But be prepared, it has hills and you will need a strong pair of legs to explore - however, this image shows one of the streets that head to the shores.

lisbon (24).jpg


I have travelled to Belgium many times, generally following the cycling races that form part of the culture of the country.

On one such visit, I was based in Ghent, which is a wonderful city, full of architecture, culture and of course canals.

Ghent Canal-01.jpg