If you have a project that you would like to work with me on or if you have a commission that you feel that I could help you with, please do get in touch to discuss the matter in more detail.


Are you a Wigan business that would like some artwork for your office walls or some shots of the town to use in promotional work?

I have a huge gallery of images and am always looking to create more.

Maybe you are looking for some beautiful landscapes, from all over the North West.

My collections of the local scenery will give you some idea of what I can create and I am always excited to work on new projects.

If you are looking for some sporting images, then I specialize in cycling and running events from local time trials, 10k races all the way through to triathlons.

Are you looking for a professional headshot, I can offer a package to suit your needs - very competitively priced.

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