All Change at the Pier

There are some big changes happening in Wigan.

For too long now the old warehouses have been left to rot and crumble into the canal and it looked like we would soon have a no-go zone on the edge of town.

But that has all changed with some investment and some bright new plans to transform the whole area into a hub for culture, leisure, and art, with a micro-brewery thrown in for good measure too!

At the head of the canal there is No1 Wigan Pier, an office suite and to follow with the numbering the old warehouses are now named 2, 3 and 4

This is number 2 in the early stages of the redevelopment.

I love the stark branding - black and bold, it makes a statement.

The smaller number 3 warehouse is attached to the much bigger number 4 and they are now restored to some of that industrial heritage that we all love.

Across the water from the warehouse, of course, lies the magic of Wigan Pier - it's not the original Pier, but a homage to it - but you get the feeling of what things might have been like all those years ago as the cotton was loaded and unloaded on its way to Liverpool and open seas.

The global pandemic has put paid to a lot of the opening plans, everything has been put back a bit and things still remain a little sketchy to say the least, but as you look back along the canal now, the place is different. There is real hope for the future for this little part of town.

If you are interested in any of the images above they are available as a print - just get in touch and let me know.

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