Big Northern Skies

One thing that we see a lot of in the north is rain, its something that is quite synonymous with the region and most northerners embrace the fact.

Of course, the upside to having lots of rain is that we get some pretty dramatic skies - dark menacing clouds and brighter patches of sunlight shining through.

This image was taken on the tracks around Arbour Lane in Standish and the view is over towards Elnup Woods and the hills in the distance.

It is often more dramatic if you can catch the edge of a storm as it sweeps across the moorland and farming communities. The rain heavy clouds covering all that lovely clear blue sky.

This image was shot in the fields near Worthington on the road out towards Chorley. The white edges of the storm clouds leading the way across the sky.

The landscape is used to the rain, the crops grow and are harvested and then the fields are swamped and flooded - the views towards Standish show the expanse and the difference in all the cloud structures as the storm forms.

There are always lots of expansive views to take in when you live in the north and I hope you have enjoyed these three shots today.

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