Cityscapes - Paris

Whilst I am always inspired by my local surroundings and have captured and created hundreds of images of the town of Wigan, I do like to travel and of course, I always have a lens with me.

One of my favourite places to visit is the city of Paris, having visited here since being at college many years ago. I feel an affinity with the place and like the hustle and bustle and of course the history, the art, the culture and the food.

Three of my favourite images from Paris were taken on a short day trip in late October, early November a few years ago and I climbed the steps of the Arc De Triomphe and stood admiring the views around me.

This first one is a shot of probably one of the most famous and iconic streets in the world - The Avenue Champs Elysees with its long straight road and tree-lined footways. The shot also gives you an idea of the vast expanse of the city.

Moving slightly round to the right, I took this next shot which captures yet another Grand Boulevard, but also two towers, one more ancient than the other and much more famous. The Eiffel Tower and the new modern office building of the Montparnasse Tower in the distance.

The final shot was on the other side of the Arc, the side that faces out to the financial district and the huge modern arch of La Defense which you can see right at the end of another long straight road, the Avenue de la Grande Armee which has always intrigued me. What a great name!

You can also see the one and only (apparently) skyscraper hotel, the Hyatt Regency towering above all the other buildings in the later afternoon sunshine.

These three images are my most treasured from all my trips to this wonderful city - they give me a sense of history, the layout and the sheer size of the place. They also clearly show what courage it took to create the grand boulevards and what an amazing decision that was - just imagine how crowded that centre would have been without them and how impossible it would have been to get around.

I hope you like Paris as much as I do and I hope you like my images which are available as prints - just drop me a line.

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