Coppull Mill

It's a familiar building on the skyline of the Lancashire villages, the tall water tower and circular chimney dominating the fields all around it.

Built in 1906 of red brick with ornate terracotta detailing, the cotton mill employed around 700 workers in its heyday.

The building must have been a hive of activity back in the day, with all those people and all that noise producing the cotton that made Lancashire famous around the world.

I am always impressed with the row upon row of large windows, offering plenty of light to the workers below, but I am not sure who had the job of cleaning them!

There have been some new additions since its refurbishment which have now created an enterprise centre with offices and factory units of all sizes. but you can still recognise the main parts of the mill.

I mentioned at the start of this little piece how the mill stands out in the Lancashire rural landscape and this next image highlights just how!

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