The city of Manchester has always had a real attraction for me, both in terms of just visiting but also in terms of the architecture and the imagery that I can capture. The place is amazing.

I hope to take you on a little journey around the city centre with some images that have been shot and created over the last few years. I hope they give you a little insight into why I love the place so much.

Exchange Square lies in the heart of the city, it has undergone a massive transformation since the terrorist bomb that destroyed a huge part of the area. There are lots of new builds but the old architecture remains which I think is wonderful.

The old Corn Exchange building with its stone construction really does compliment the new structures around it and it fits in well with the whole feel of the area. Cafe's and restaurants on the ground floor and offices and apartments on the upper ones.

Almost opposite the Corn Exchange lies the Printworks, which has been a real success since its transformation. The building used to be the northern headquarters for the Mirror Group newspapers and the outside walls were caked in black soot and fumes.

The name carries on the history of the newspaper printing, but these days the interior is full of more restaurants, cafes and a cinema - its a super place to visit.

Moving along Corporation Street towards the church of St Ann and St Ann's Square there are more examples of the coming together of the old and the new architecture. The stone buildings around the square and circled these days with higher office blocks built out of concrete with lots of glass. But somehow it works.

A little way along Deansgate away from St Ann's Square you will see the most perfect combination of the old and the new. The red bricks of the old Great Northern Railway Warehouse dwarfed by the skyscraper that is the Beetham Tower reaching 169m into the grey Manchester skies.

You pretty much see the Beetham Tower all over Manchester, it is such an imposing and recognisable structure. Yet despite all the modern architecture in the city centre, you can still find a quiet place, a place from years gone by - the Bridgewater Canal, still home to lots of narrowboats.

More contrast along the canal with the red-bricked warehouses that were full of cotton in times gone by now playing second fiddle to the concrete and glass master behind it. The old iron bridges over the canal remain in place giving Manchester part of its recognisable identity.

A tour of the city wouldn't be complete without a visit in the night time and the new shopping and office complex in Spinningfields always captures the eye. The roof of lights as you walk along looks fantastic.

Manchester is a great city to visit whether just to have a look around or to explore with a camera. I will undoubtedly be back soon.

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