Industrial Heritage

One of my favourite subjects to photograph has to be the historic industrial buildings that form part of the towns DNA, the window to a world that was so different from the world we live in now.

The canal and the old cotton mills form such a dramatic background and will always catch my eye.

The still waters capture the reflection of the red bricks of Trencherfield Mill with the locks and dry dock close by - you can just imagine the hustle and bustle all those years ago as the narrowboats lined up to take the cargo much farther afield.

In many ways, not a lot has changed if you find the right spot. Standing on Pottery Road bridge looking over to Trencherfield Mill, the old canal-side cottages are pretty much unchanged and you can imagine the workers living there.

I have lots of galleries of the images from the canals and from the mills and I will always try to capture some of the town's history. It is great that these old buildings are being kept alive for the future and that has to be something that the current custodians need to always remember.

Wigan is full of history and culture, and I love to be a part of it.

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