One of the things we are lucky to live near are the various reservoirs that are dotted around the Lancashire countryside. They are always wonderful things to capture and record, with lots of things to catch the eye.

My favourite has to be the Lower Rivington Reservoir just outside the hamlet of Rivington, near Horwich and Bolton nesting up to the West Lancashire Moors.

There are many reasons I love this expanse of water, from it being fantastic to photograph but also for the fact that I swam in it back in 2009 when I did one of my Ironman triathlons.

You very rarely catch it on a totally still day, but I took the above image on one such day and I just loved the greens of the trees, perfectly reflected in the waters below.

The trees and bushes reach down to the water's edge and can create quite a sight.

Both images are available as framed prints if you are interested, and I hope you share my love of the reservoirs and landscapes of the north-west.

If you have a favourite place, why not drop me an email and I will create a gallery for you.

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