The Boer War Statue

I have always been fascinated with art, sculpture, and architecture - I often find myself quite opinionated when I see it in the real world, for me, it is something that I either love or hate, there never seems to be anything in between.

It either works, or it doesn't.

Mesnes Park (pronounced Mains Park) lies right in the centre of Wigan and has a number of iconic landmarks across its green lawns and flower beds.

My favourite, just in front of the Francis Sharp Powell sculpture has to be the Boer War Statue which is positioned right at the top of the stone steps in front of the Grade II listed Pavilion.

Although it is not the original statue, it still commands an impressive position and just looks amazing from every angle you look at it.

I shot this image as the light was fading on a summer evening, with an overcast sky above.

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