The Canal at Appley Bridge

I must visit part of the Leeds Liverpool canal every single week, it's like it has some kind of hold on me, something that keeps dragging me back to it.

The weather took a turn for the cooler this week, the chill in the air was there for everyone to see and feel and when the mist and fog took hold overnight, the result was a very frozen towpath along the stretch of canal at Appley Bridge.

The rain of recent weeks had left its marks, with the mud and the puddles, but most of these were frozen over which meant it was a little easier to navigate in all honesty.

The frost still had a firm hold on the grass leaving a nice little white topping on the blades, giving it a distinct winter feel and the freezing air temperature reminded you of what's to come.

The water itself was calm, to the point of being mirror-like in places and the dramatic large trees cast a great reflection in the waters below them.

The narrowboats had made a wise choice to moor up and get the heating on and they also made an equally good decision to take refuge next to the Boathouse pub too - all sorted for the day.

It's been a day when it never really got fully light, the clouds never lifted, the fog barely disappeared and the sun gave up at lunchtime. Even the ducks only made a brief appearance before they swam away to get what little warmth there was out there.

I have said it before, but the canal is always a great place to come with a camera, always lots happening and always lots to see - even if it was a bit cold today.

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