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The Leeds Liverpool Canal makes its way through the centre of Wigan and out north towards the Pennines and beyond.

I took this image on a late summers afternoon at Red Rock near Haigh as the sun began to sink just a little lower in the sky


Right in the centre of Wigan, the canal forms part of the history of the town, as it passes both Trencherfield Mill and the Dry Dock.

More refurbished warehouses and mills line the towpaths and I took this image on a bright and sunny afternoon.


The Leeds Liverpool Canal has its rough edges and it industrial connections, but it also visits some quite wonderful parts of town as well.

The canal was really calm and quiet near Crooke Village with the sun out when I took this image.


The contrast between the old industrial heritage of the canal and the new developments could not be more obvious in the centre of Wigan town.

I took this image when the canal was mirror-like, with the old mills in the distance flanked by new office and new residential units either side.

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